The Sir Grafton Elliot-Smith Award commemorates the Australian Professor of Anatomy whose major scientific contributions were in the field of comparative anatomy and evolution of the nervous system. Until 2008 it was awarded for the best essay on a neuroscience topic by a Student Member of the Society. Since 2009, the Sir Grafton Elliot-Smith Award has been presented for the best poster by a Student Member of the Society at the Annual Meeting.

Applicants for this Award must tick the Student Poster Prize box on their online registration/abstract form when registering for the Annual Meeting of the Society. At the abstract submission deadline, candidates must be a Student member of ANS and must not have submitted a thesis for a doctoral degree.

How to Apply

Tick the box on the conference website when you register for the annual ANS conference. Deadline for submission will be the same as the deadline for receipt of registration/abstracts for the meeting.

Previous Winners of the Student Poster Prize

  • 2018 – Sonja Meier (The University of Queensland), Shruthi Sateesh (University of Otago)
  • 2017 – Diana Sketriene (The University of Melbourne), Lauren Whyte (South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute), Dylan Fox (Monash University)
  • 2016 - Paul Marshall (UC Irvine), Stephanie Guiney (Florey Neurosciences)
  • 2015 - A Schroeder, Y Sun, T Sutherland
  • 2014 - D. Busingye, J. Sultana, R. Mohan, P. Farzanehfar, G. Gnanamanickam
  • 2013 - B. Wheaton, D. Alwis, J. Pinyon
  • 2012 - H. Gooch, P. Atkinson, A. ​Ferner
  • 2011 - M. Fogarty, T. Wilks, J. Stratton, C. Evans, L. Williams
  • 2010 - A. Barutchu, D. Bradford, A. Edington, D. Mehra, B. Sivyer
  • 2009 - S. Pandit, J. Cirillo, L. Oluich, H. Lee, B. Homkajorn
  • 2008 - C. Foldi, D. Gonsalvez, D. Matusica, R. Weston, M. Walsh, N. Dharmaratne
  • 2007 - A Jung, R Gasperini, J Ziebell, K Baker, L Christophidis, L Palmer, D Haustead, A Laird
  • 2006 - M. Monif, H. Ross, T. Sargeant, M. Shivdasani, Y. Sia, N. Zuvela (commended R. Sullivan, M. Wilson)
  • 2005 -M.K. Sy, T.R. DeMello, D. Flanagan, A.J. Camp, B.A. Graham & V.G. Jokubaitis
  • 2004 - A. Woodruff, S. Hicks, T. Furlong, B. Trulzsch, M. Kohzad & E. Yan (commended: S. Waller, P. Michell, D. Sartor, G. Cheng & B. Emory)
  • 2003 - T.D. Merson, B.J. Turner, H. Valcanis, S.P. Fernandes, R. Cameron & M. Ward
  • 2002 - A. McGeachie, D. Springell, E. Schofield P. Jusuf, B. Hall, H. Stolp (commended: J. Carland, M. Hynd, D. Sartor & M. Kerr)
  • 2001 - H. Barbour, A. Keramidas, P. McNulty, J. Nunan, N. Pedersen, M. Storan (commended: K. Aubrey, J. Heng)
  • 2000 - N. Hohn, S. Borgland, J. Tollet, A. Condina, F. Sernee, S. Royal (commended: R. Moldrich, K. Balendra, E. Needham, N. Cerminara, D. Sandall, T. Stasinopoulos)
  • 1999 - W.L. Huang, T. Tan & H Valcanis
  • 1998 - P. Bengston, C. Faux & A. Robins (commended: T. Luu, J. Leung)
  • 1997 - M. Murray (commended: N. Assaad, E. Krasovskis, A. Robins)
  • 1996 - K.-L. Harris, C. Rattray-Wood & C.A. Reid
  • 1995 - J. Tenne, G. Elston, J. Lewohl, G.B. Luckensmeyer & S. Woolf
  • 1994 - Y. Brickman, T.H. Burne, M.D. Khyentse, K.-L. King & K.-M. Lee
  • 1993 - C. Pichitpornchai, L. Richards, L.Schmidt, H. Sidek & D.Thubon
  • 1992 - C. Pichitpornchai
  • 1991 - S. Rutherford
  • 1990 - A. Turnley
  • 1989 - M.D. Voss (CNS Neurotransmitter Prize)

Winners of the Former Essay Competition

Year Winner(s)
2007 G. Gibbs
2006 P. Scott
2005 T. Furlong
2004 A. Woodruff
2003 J. Dundas & H. Potts
2002 L. Gillespie & G. Gregory
2001 M. Kirkcaldie
2000 E. Fry & S. Borgland
1998 A. Mark
1997 N. Hardie
1996 A. Hannan
1995 K. McConalogue
1994 K.A McGrath & R. Kanjhan
1993 C. Hardman
1992 K.L Brickell
1991 M. Breakspeare
1990 K.B. Ewan
1989 S. Murray
1988 P. Kitchener
1987 K. Sathian