Nominations for honorary membership

Distinguished neuroscientists who have rendered notable service to the Society shall be eligible for Honorary Membership of the Society. Candidates for Honorary Membership must be nominated by Council and then elected by a majority of Members voting at an Annual General Meeting of the Society. Honorary Membership is tenable for the lifetime of the Member. Any member can propose a candidate for nomination by the Council as an Honorary Member. This proposal should be forwarded to the ANS Secretary and should include the following:
1. An abbreviated CV of the candidate (10 pages max)
2. A letter outlining the candidate’s major contributions to neuroscience and to ANS (2 pages max)
There is no deadline for nominations, although those received by the end of May will be considered at the mid-year Council meeting held in July. Please send nominations to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Honorary members

  • Lawrie Austin (Deceased)
  • Perry Bartlett
  • Maxwell Bennett
  • Peter Bishop (Deceased)
  • Ian Chubb
  • Marcello Costa
  • David Curtis (Deceased)
  • Ian Darian-Smith (Deceased)
  • Raymond Dart (Deceased)
  • John Eccles (Deceased)
  • John Furness
  • Laurie Geffen
  • Glenda Halliday
  • Ian Hendry
  • Paul Korner (Deceased)
  • William Levick (Deceased)
  • Bruce Livett
  • Archie McIntyre (Deceased)
  • Elspeth McLachlan
  • Fred Mendelsohn
  • Paul Pilowsky
  • Robert Porter
  • Stephen Redman
  • John Rostas
  • Robert Rush
  • David Vaney
  • Charles Watson
  • Sarah Dunlop
  • John Bekkers