First, on behalf of all State and Territory Coordinators, let me thank you for promoting the Australian Brain Bee Challenge to your students. We know the students enjoy the competition, and the teachers that happily return each year to the State and Territory finals attests to their continuing interest. The competition will not demand too much from you. In Round 1 of the competition, held during Brain Awareness Week in March each year, students will sit an online test in school hours. Naturally, this test, comprising 30 multiple-choice questions, will need to be held under supervised exam conditions. As the responsible teacher you will have already registered your students, and provided them with the freely downloadable study book from the Education Perfect website. Those students who scored very well in the online quiz will be invited to the State and Territory finals. All schools will receive email advice from their regions Coordinator as to whether or not their students qualified for the State Finals.

State and Territory finals are typically held between June and August and require whole-day attendance of the finalists and supervising teacher at the host university's campus.

The State and Territory Champions will go on to compete in a two-day competition at the National Finals, usually held at the annual meeting of the Australasian Neuroscience Society in December. The finalists and a parent will be flown to the city where the conference and competition are held, with travel and accommodation; teachers are not expected to attend.

We look forward to your continuing involvement in the Australian Brain Bee Challenge.

Yours sincerely,

Associate Professor Jennifer Rodger

National Coordinator