December PhD/ECR seminar blitz, December 8th(9AM AEST): ADNF symposium series – be a listener and a story teller! 

We are looking for speakers for an ADNF PhD/ECR seminar blitz, held on December 8th.  This event is open to Australian as well as international speakers that are PhD students near the completion of their theses and ECRs (1-3yrs as a postdoc), and we are pleased to let you know that we have already secured several abstracts for the event!  

And so, if you are interested to participate or know someone that is keen, please register through our ADNF website and provide (i) your name; (ii) the name of your host lab and PhD/postdoc supervisor; (iii) the title of your talk; (iv) a brief <100 word abstract.

Most of you will be aware that ADNF seminars are recorded unless we are instructed not to.  These videos are published online as time-stamped YouTube presentations as weblinks sent to our registrants.  You might even want to mention your recorded seminar on your CV to demonstrate that you have given a talk at our international event.  We think this kind of exposure could help ECRs secure a job in an increasingly competitive job market.

Thank you for participating and we look forward to providing more details for this event in due course!

Please register and send us the following details: 


 Name of Speaker: 

Contributing authors: (typically your supervisor(s) and/or collaborator(s)) 

Seminar title: 

Abstract: (eg cut and paste an abstract from your recent poster/preprint/recently published work) 

This event is sponsored by BioLegend and we have 5 prizes (eVouchers for 2xPhD, 2xECR and 1xCritic's Choice) for the best presentations!

ADNF Symposium Recordings Now Available!

Symposium 1 - Part I

Symposium 1 - Part II

ADNF Sympoisum II

ADNF Symposium III



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Who we are

We are members of the Australasian Neuroscience Society (ANS), with an interest in developmental neuroscience. Our mission is to provide year-long engagement for our colleagues all over the world.

What we do

(i) monthly virtual symposia (4 speakers over a 2h session) comprising national and international speakers, and with gender and equity targets;

(ii) hold regular morning/afternoon teas, depending on where you are in Australasia/the World;

(iii) provide peer-to-peer exchange of ideas and panel discussions.

How to participate

Sign up below to join our mailing list for full details of presentations and speakers. We also encourage members to nominate speakers for this series, or even nominate yourself to speak about one of your exciting projects which you have published as a pre-print, or recently online.

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(Julian Heng, Nathalie Dehorter, Michael Piper, Kelly Glendining)