ANS Student Body Committee

The ANS Student Body Committee (SBC) was formed in 2017, and is tasked with strategising, planning, and implementing programs to support neuroscience students and encourage student participation in ANS. The committee is made up entirely of students and consists of a chair, a deputy chair, a secretary, and representatives from eight regions across Australasia.

Each year, the SBC organises one or more student events at the annual ANS conference and supports student events throughout the year via funding and advertising. To enquire about ANS student membership benefits, local events, and information about the annual ANS conference, or how the SBC can support a student event in your region, please contact your respective regional representative listed on the SBC webpage.

ANS has always strongly supported its student members, and is committed to promoting the evolution of it's young, early career researchers into professional scientists.

Student Representation at Annual ANS Conferences

To facilitate a greater representation of our student membership at the annual conference, we offer our student members;

  • Reduced membership and registration costs for ANS Meetings.

Career Opportunities

The careers section of the ANS website provides ANS student and early career researchers with job opportunities and applications from all over Australia, ranging from masters or PhD projects to post-doctoral fellowships, the funding of which varies between appointments.

Recognition of Outstanding Student Contributions to the Field of Neuroscience

ANS also aims to recognise significant contributions by our student members to the field of neuroscience in Australia, through a number of prestigious awards;

Criteria and Application Requirements

To apply for student membership you must be a student enrolled at an Australian, New Zealand or international tertiary institution in any neuroscience-related course.

  • Proof of student status is required: A copy of your Student ID or an Academic Transcript (with name visible) must be uploaded during the application process
  • The questions in the 'Extras' section of your application is mandatory and must be completed for your application to be accepted
  • Payment is required to finalise your application - the preferred payment method is Credit Card
  • Please Note: Post Doctoral Researchers are not able to apply for Student Membership and must apply under the Ordinary Membership category

Click here to apply for student membership.