President's Perspective: January 2019

It is an honour to be serving a term as President of ANS. ANS is the peak body for neuroscience in Australasia (i.e. Australia and New Zealand) and with that role comes a responsibility for it to promote and support excellence in neuroscience across the spectrum of the field. ANS does this in multiple ways: perhaps most importantly through its annual conference and associated prizes and plenaries, but also through its long-standing and internationally acclaimed Australian Course in Advance Neuroscience (ACAN), its various active and enthusiastic committees as listed on this website, its deep support for the Australian Brain Initiative (and who knows, maybe a New Zealand Brain Initiative in the future), and its engagement with a host of international neuroscience societies and groups such as SfN, FENS, JNS, FAONS, IBRO, and the International Brain Bee Committee. Many benefits and opportunities are now accruing to our members as a result. Overall, this means we have an impact on the teaching and research in neuroscience in schools, at universities and institutes, and internationally. Our work means that society as a whole benefits.

ANS is only as strong as its active membership. I’m delighted but also very thankful that so many ANS members continue to volunteer their precious time and effort to serve on the ANS Council and its many committees. As important, though, is the ongoing membership in the Society and attendance of members at the annual conference which continues to be a wonderful celebration of the excellence of neuroscience in Australasia, as well as an opportunity to learn about new ideas and techniques and to form new collaborations. The ANS Council and Local Organising Committee continue to be mindful of constraining costs while offering a superb conference to its members.

With this in mind, I encourage all members to remember to renew their memberships for the coming financial year, and of course to come to the neuroscience party in Adelaide in December. And encourage your colleagues to do the same! Our new website should make it so much easier to do both.
I am always available to discuss any issues, concerns or suggestions regarding ANS.

Professor Cliff Abraham
President ANS

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