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9th December 2020 (10-5:30pm Australian EDST):  ANS2020 Online Conference and AGM PROGRAM

 10:00‐10:15am: Prof Cliff Abraham and A/Prof Kaylene Young

ANS President and Conference Executive Chair Welcome Delegates

 10:15‐10:45am: Chair – Dr Hamid Sohrabi (ANS Regional Representative for WA)

Dr Robyn Brown ‐ 2020 A.W Campbell Award Lecture

Title ‘Why do we overeat? Unravelling the neural mechanisms underlying

maladaptive eating behaviour’

 10:45‐11:15am: Chair – Dr Kristin Hillman (ANS Regional Representative for NZ)

Prof Kay Double ‐ 2020 Nina Kondelos Plenary Lecture

Title: Hiding in plain sight – what does a new pathology mean for Parkinson’s disease


 11:15‐12:15pm: Chair – Dr Ann‐Maree Vallence (Chair of ANS2020 Perth LOC)

Prof Kate Drummond – ANS2020 Eccles Plenary Lecture

Title: Quality of Life in Brain Tumour Patients ‐ Do we understand it and what can we

do about it?

 12:15‐12:45pm: Lunch break / Break‐out chats

 12:45‐1:15pm: Chair – A/Prof Alison Canty (ANS Regional Representative for Tasmania)

Dr Philip Ryan – 2019 A.W Campbell Award Lecture

Title: The neurocircuitry of fluid satiation

 1:15‐1:45pm: Chair – Dr Nathalie Dehorter (ANS Regional Representative for ACT)

Prof Erica Fletcher – 2019 Nina Kondelos Plenary Lecture

Title: The role of microglia in regulating retinal homeostasis

 1:45‐2:30pm: Chair – Mr Amr Abdeen (ANS Student Representative)

PhD student 3‐minute thesis finalists 

1) Indra Choudhury, Griffith University

2) Andres Vidal‐Itriago, Macquarie University

3) Megan Bakeberg, University of Western Australia & Perron Institute

4) Anastazja Gorecki, University of Western Australia & Perron Institute

5) Sophie Mathiesen, University of Otago

6) Jessica Madden, University of Newcastle

7) Sarah Thomas Broome, University of Technology Sydney

8) Nia Lopez, University of Newcastle

9) Jessica Moretti, University of Western Australia & Perron Institute

10) Leanne Jiang, University of Western Australia & Perron Institute


2:30‐3:00pm: Tea break

ANS Annual General Meeting

 3:00‐5:00pm: Chair ‐ Prof Thomas Fath (ANS Secretary)

Announcement of ANS Award recipients

Announcement of 3MT competition winners

 A/Prof Jess Nithianantharajah and Dr Tobias Merson

Looking Forward to ANS2021 in Melbourne

 Prof Peter Schofield

ANS President’s Closing Remarks

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