The Australian Brain Alliance (ABA) is an initiative of the Australian Academy of Science with a vision to coordinate and boost strategic brain research across Australia.


The Australian Brain Alliance (ABA) is led by a steering committee comprised of Australia’s leading neuroscientists and psychologists.


The ABA was established in February 2016 under the auspices of the Australian Academy of Science with founding members including the Academy’s National Committee on Brain and Mind and the peak bodies of the Australasian Neuroscience Society and the Australian Psychological Society. Since its inception, the ABA has grown to include 28 member organizations, including most major Australian universities and research institutes engaged in brain research.

Mission and Scope

The ABA has proposed the establishment of an Australian Brain Initiative (ABI), a transformative brain research agenda aimed at coordinating Australia’s existing brain researchers and scientists from other disciplines with the aim of ‘‘cracking the brain’s code.’’ With an integrative convergence science research agenda, alongside a novel translational framework, the ABA expects the proposed ABI to make significant advances toward optimizing and restoring brain function, developing advanced neural interfaces, understanding the neural basis of learning across the lifespan, and developing new insights for brain-inspired computing.

The human brain is staggeringly complex. Australian brain researchers have a long and distinguished record of achievement in unravelling its mysteries and creating new applications and technologies. The ABA is working with government, industry and philanthropic organizations to secure cooperative funding for the Australian Brain Initiative. We can Crack the Brain's Code and revolutionise our healthcare and education system, as well as create advanced neurotechnologies inspired by the brain. We have the right people to crack the brain’s code, but we need your support by becoming a Brain Champion.

The Australian Brain Alliance is a member of the International Brain Initiative.


The ABA will work with government, industry, and philanthropic organizations to secure cooperative funding for the proposed
Australian Brain Initiative.

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Members of the ABA have published a number of articles on the group's activities: