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Thinking about applying for ACAN in 2023? Applications will be open soon, in the meantime, here's what one of our 2022 participants told us about the course - 


I enjoyed every aspect of ACAN. The students, tutors and lecturers were great, the content and location were also great. I particularly liked the structure where each week explored different aspects of neuroscience.

Fantastic course overall, will highly recommend to prospective students.

I am extremely thankful for having had the opportunity to take part in the course, I thought it was very engaging, fun, informative, and eye opening. The people were wonderful, from the students, to the lecturers and instructors, and I wish I could do it again, or help somehow in the future. Thank you again for the time and effort, I will never forget it.

The learning I gained has been immeasurable and has given me a lot more confidence going forward in my PhD - I feel like I have a stronger understanding of the field of neuroscience as a whole, not just understanding my area of research.

I enjoyed the opportunity to learn a wide range of topics while also having hands-on practical experience. The lecturers, instructors, and other students were also incredibly nice. Overall, it was a very comfortable and friendly environment to learn as much about neuroscience as possible in 3 weeks.