Symposia submissions for ANS 2021 have now closed.

The ANS Council and Programming Committee are pleased to share the following confirmed symposium sessions.
  • Adaptation and neural basis of context-dependent sensory processing 
  • Advances and Applications of Neurogenetic Techniques
  • Advances in enteric nervous system research
  • Decompartmentalising neuron and glial interactions and their role in brain function
  • Imaging the presynapse: advancing our understanding of neurotransmitter release 
  • Network mechanisms regulating distinct features of motivated behaviour
  • New models and research directions for ALS/MND
  • New perspectives in childhood dementia
  • Noncoding RNAs in Brain and Behaviour: New Horizons
  • Peripheral immune contributions to neuroinflammation
  • Restructuring the striatal mosaic: macro and micro-circuit interactions in learning-related plasticity
  • Seedlings to forests: Growing a collaborative cerebrovascular research pipeline (StrokeCORE) from the ground up