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ANS2021 Online Conference & AGM

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Monday 6th December 2021 (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time)

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08:45-09:00 Prof Peter Schofield (President’s Welcome)
09:00-09:55 ANS Plenary Lecture – Prof Bernard Balleine, University of New South Wales
The cortical and striatal circuits subserving goal-directed action
 09:55-10:25 2021 AW Campbell Award Lecture - Dr Christina Mo, University of Chicago
Transthalamic cortical pathways - underappreciated routes of information processing
 10:25-10:35 Morning tea break sponsored by the Tasmanian Accident Commission
 10:35-11:30 Elspeth McLachlan Plenary Lecture - Prof Linda Richards, Queensland Brain Institute
Wiring the brain for interhemispheric communication
 11:30-12:25 Eccles Plenary Lecture - Prof Lars Ittner, Macquarie University
 12:25-12:40 Lunch break sponsored by the Tasmanian Accident Commission
 12:40-12:45 Launch of the ANS-Illumina Neurogenetics Research Award.
 12:45-13:15 2021 Nina Kondelos Plenary Lecture - Prof Elizabeth Coulson, Queensland Brain Institute
Causes and consequences of cholinergic degeneration with a focus on dementia
13:15-14:10 Lawrie Austin Plenary Lecture – Prof Clare Parish, Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health
Next generation stem cells therapies for Parkinson’s Disease
14:10-14:40 Finalists for the ANS student body 3-minute thesis competition
14:40-14:50 Afternoon tea break sponsored by the Tasmanian Accident Commission
14:50-17:00  ANS Annual General Meeting
14:50-15:20       Prof Laurie Geffen “Australasian Neuroscience Pioneers”
15:20-15:30       Assess quorum and outline AGM agenda
15:30-16:00       ANS Award announcements and winners of ANS 3MT competition
16:00-17:00       ANS business (new council appointments, financial review)
17:00-18:15 International Plenary Lecture - Nobel Laureate, Prof Edvard Moser
Neural population dynamics of the entorhinal cortex