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The ANS Council has made the difficult decision to postpone our in-person conference which was scheduled to be held in Melbourne later this year. Unfortunately, the resurgence of the covid pandemic will limit the number of members able to register now and commit to travelling in December.  I would like to thank the ANS2021 Melbourne Conference Chairs, Jess Nithianantharajah and Tobias Merson, as well as members of the local organising committee, Lucy Palmer, Elisa Hill, Zane Andrews, Sarah Stephenson, Grant Dewson and Michael Lazarou, for the work they have already done for this meeting.  The Melbourne face-to-face meeting will be rescheduled for December 2022.  Members who have already registered for a face-to-face meeting will be refunded by the ANS Secretariat. 

In December this year, we will instead be having an online meeting showcasing our excellent plenary speaker line up, including 2014 Nobel Laureate Prof Edvard Moser, and our ANS award winner presenters, and the Society AGM.  The program for the ANS2021 Online Conference, which will be free for ANS members, will be posted on the ANS website and circulated shortly. 

I am disappointed to once again cancel our face-to-face meeting.  But thank all our members for their support of the Society and look forward to seeing you “virtually” on Monday 6th December. 

Kind Regards, 
Kaylene Young

ANS Conference Executive Chair