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Why motor neurons die in patients with motor neuron disease

A group of clinical neurologists, molecular biologists and computer scientists have worked together to solve the mystery of why motor neurons die in patients with motor neuron disease.

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Which role does the brain play in prosocial behavior?

This study suggests that our tactile cortices, primarily evolved to perceive touch and pain on our body, have an important social function. They contribute to prosocial decision-making by helping to transform the sight of bodily harm into an accurate feeling[…]

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Study reveals gaps in follow-up care after concussion

Being discharged from a hospital trauma center after receiving treatment for a traumatic brain injury (TBI) does not necessarily mean that a patient has fully recovered. TBI can lead to long-lasting physical and cognitive symptoms, but a new study suggests[…]

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Tiny particles could help fight brain cancer

Researchers have now devised a new drug-delivering nanoparticle that could offer a better way to treat glioblastoma.

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New computational tool could help optimize treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Scientists have developed a novel computational approach that incorporates individual patients' brain activity to calculate optimal, personalized brain stimulation treatment for Alzheimer's disease.

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Selective neural connections can be reestablished in retina after injury

The brain's ability to form new neural connections, called neuroplasticity, is crucial to recovery from some types of brain injury, but this process is hard to study and remains poorly understood. A new study of neural circuit repair in the[…]

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New parts of the brain become active after students learn physics

A new study showed that, when confronted with physics problems, new parts of a student's brain are utilized after receiving instruction in the topic.

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In-home therapy effective for stroke rehabilitation, study shows

Stroke remains a leading cause of human disability and rehabilitation therapy can help. Supervised in-home rehabilitation therapy delivered via telemedicine can be as effective as in-clinic rehabilitation program as an alternative for stroke survivors who can't sustain in-person visits for[…]

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Transgender brains are more like their desired gender from an early age

Brain activity and structure in transgender adolescents more closely resembles the typical activation patterns of their desired gender, according to new research. The findings suggest that differences in brain function may occur early in development and that brain imaging may[…]

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Bursts of brain activity linked to memory reactivation

Leading theories propose sleep presents an opportune time for important, new memories to become stabilized. And it's long been known which brain waves are produced during sleep. In a new study, researchers set out to better understand the brain mechanisms[…]

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Genes of different importance for brain cancer

Two genes play important roles for the formation of malignant cancer in the brain. One gene prevents the formation of the tumor, while another gene promotes the tumor.

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Depression speeds up brain aging, find psychologists

Psychologists have found a link between depression and an acceleration of the rate at which the brain ages.

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Early-life obesity impacts children's learning and memory, study suggests

A new study found that children on the threshold of obesity or overweight in the first two years of life had lower perceptual reasoning and working memory scores than lean children when tested at ages five and eight. The study[…]

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In a break with dogma, myelin boosts neuron growth in spinal cord injuries

Researchers report that adult rat myelin actually stimulated axonal outgrowth in rat neural precursor cells (NPCs) and human induced pluripotent (iPSC)-derived neural stem cells (NSCs).

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People with family history of alcoholism release more dopamine in expectation of alcohol

People with a family history of alcohol use disorder (AUD) release more dopamine in the brain's main reward center in response to the expectation of alcohol than people diagnosed with the disorder, or healthy people without any family history of[…]

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Self-consistency influences how we make decisions

When making decisions, our perception is influenced by judgments we have made in the past as a way of remaining consistent with ourselves, suggests new research.

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Study uncovers cause of pesticide exposure, Parkinson's link

Previous studies have found an association between two commonly used agrochemicals (paraquat and maneb) and Parkinson's disease. Now a professor has determined that low-level exposure to the pesticides disrupts cells in a way that mimics the effects of mutations known[…]

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Memory molecule limits plasticity by calibrating calcium

Researchers have for the first time identified a novel role for the CA2-enriched protein RGS14 and provided insights into the mechanism by which it limits plasticity. RGS14 seems to be special, acting as a molecular factor that puts the brakes[…]

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Leg exercise is critical to brain and nervous system health

New research shows that using the legs, particularly in weight-bearing exercise, sends signals to the brain that are vital for the production of healthy neural cells. The groundbreaking study fundamentally alters brain and nervous system medicine -- giving doctors new[…]

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Training compassion 'muscle' may boost brain's resilience to others' suffering

A new study suggests that as little as two weeks of compassion meditation training -- intentionally cultivating positive wishes to understand and relieve the suffering of others -- may reduce the distress a person feels when witnessing another's suffering. The[…]

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