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How your moving brain sees the world

What we see is not only determined by what is really there, but also depends on whether we are paying attention, whether we are moving, excited or interested. In a new study, scientists uncover that the processing of visual information[…]

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When storing memories, brain prioritizes those experiences that are most rewarding

A new study finds that overnight the brain automatically preserves memories for important events and filters out the rest, revealing new insights into the processes that guide decision making and behavior.

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Ecstacy makes people cooperative, but not gullible

New research has found that MDMA, the main ingredient in ecstasy, causes people to cooperate better -- but only with trustworthy people. In the first study to look in detail at how MDMA impacts cooperative behavior the researchers also identified[…]

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Response to daily stressors could affect brain health in older adults

Taking typical daily annoyances such as a long wait at the doctor's office or a traffic jam on the freeway in stride may help preserve brain health in older adults.

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Light scalpel: A major step toward non-viral ocular gene therapy using laser and nanotechnology

Gold nanoparticles, which act like 'nanolenses,' concentrate the energy produced by the extremely short pulse of a femtosecond laser to create a nanoscale incision on the surface of the eye's retina cells. This technology, which preserves cell integrity, can be[…]

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How head injuries lead to serious brain diseases

Biologists reveal the hidden molecular basis of brain disorders and provide the first cell atlas of the hippocampus -- the part of the brain that helps regulate learning and memory -- as it is affected by traumatic brain injury. The[…]

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Playing high school football changes the teenage brain

A single season of high school football may cause microscopic changes in the structure of the brain, according to a new study. A new type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed significant changes in the structure of the grey matter[…]

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Gut hormone and brown fat interact to tell the brain it's time to stop eating

Researchers have shown that so-called 'brown fat' interacts with the gut hormone secretin in mice to relay nutritional signals about fullness to the brain during a meal. The study bolsters our understanding of a long-suspected role of brown adipose tissue[…]

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Brain, muscle cells found lurking in kidney organoids grown in lab

New research has identified rogue cells -- namely brain and muscle cells -- lurking within kidney organoids. Such cells make up only 10 to 20 percent of an organoid's cells, but their presence indicates that the 'recipes' used to coax[…]

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Making moves and memories, are they connected?

Researchers report the first direct evidence that the cerebellum does more than just control muscle activity. It also plays a role in cognitive functions.

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Scorpion venom to shuttle drugs into the brain

Biologists have described the capacity of a small protein (a peptide) derived from chlorotoxin, found in scorpion venom (Giant Yellow Israeli scorpion), to carry drugs across the blood-brain barrier (BBB).

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A 15-minute scan could help diagnose brain damage in newborns

A 15-minute scan could help diagnose brain damage in babies up to two years earlier than current methods, according to new research.

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Precision neuroengineering enables reproduction of complex brain-like functions in vitro

Researchers have designed neural circuits reproducing dynamic reconfiguration behaviors of the brain.

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Molecular mechanisms of an African folk medicine

Researchers have discovered the molecular basis for therapeutic actions of an African folk medicine used to treat a variety of illnesses and disorders including diabetes, pain, headaches, paralysis and epilepsy.

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Older adults' abstract reasoning ability predicts depressive symptoms over time

Age-related declines in abstract reasoning ability predict increasing depressive symptoms in subsequent years, according to data from a longitudinal study of older adults in Scotland.

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How exercise could help fight drug addiction

The siren call of addictive drugs can be hard to resist, and returning to the environment where drugs were previously taken can make resistance that much harder. However, addicts who exercise appear to be less vulnerable to the impact of[…]

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Checking very preterm babies' head size can help identify long-term IQ problems

Regular early head circumference assessments add valuable information when screening for long-term neurocognitive risk - according to new research.

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Pain can be a self-fulfilling prophecy

A new brain imaging study of 34 people found that when people expect to feel intense pain, they do, even if they aren't subjected to painful stimuli. Surprisingly, these false expectations can persist even when reality demonstrates otherwise, the study[…]

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New methods to identify Alzheimer's drug candidates with anti-aging properties

Old age is the greatest risk factor for many diseases, including Alzheimer's disease (AD) and cancer. Geroprotectors are a recently identified class of anti-aging compounds. New research has now identified a unique subclass of these compounds, dubbed geroneuroprotectors (GNPs), which[…]

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The illusion of multitasking boosts performance

Our ability to do things well suffers when we try to complete several tasks at once, but a series of experiments suggests that merely believing that we're multitasking may boost our performance by making us more engaged in the tasks[…]

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