Symposia and Speakers

Mapping the neural circuitry of ingestive behaviours using a
genetic approach

Phillip J Ryan

Denovan P Begg

Aneta Stefanidis

Joel C Geerling (USA)

Neuroinflammation in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Alison M Goate (USA)

Mike Dragunow

Shane A Liddelow (USA)

Judith Camats-Perna

Computational Psychiatry

Phillip R Corlett (USA)

Ilvana Dzafic

Daniel Bennett (USA)

Michael Breakspear

Beyond dopamine: Targeting alternative pathological
hallmarks for the treatment
of Parkinson's disease

Kay L Double

Trent M Woodruff

Richard Gordon

Lyndsey E Collins-Praino

Exploring neuronal function
through advanced imaging techniques

Fred A Meunier

Laura F Gumy

Ruth M Empson

Andrew H Micallef

The emerging neuronal RNA regulatory mechanisms in
health and disease

Murray J Cairns

Guy Barry

Guo-Li Ming (USA)

Jocelyn Widagdo

Genetically-encoded calcium imaging techniques for interrogating neural circuits
in vivo

Philip Jean-Richard-dit-Bressel

Malinda L Tantirigama

Lucy M Palmer

Su Young Han

The neural basis of decision
making in a changing

Keiji Tanaka (Japan)

Jason B Mattingley

Katerina Semendeferi (USA)

Farshad A Mansouri

Wiring the brain for function

Victor Tarabykin (Germany)

Laura R Fenlon

Amanda G Wood

Jozef Gecz

Microglia: Architects of the brain

Manual B Graeber

Jenna M Ziebell

Erica L Fletcher

Trevor Owens (Denmark)

Dendritic spines: From
Morphology to Function

U Valentin Nägerl (France)

Tong Wang

Ramon Martinez-Marmo

Pirta Hotulainen (Finland)

Roads less travelled: recent
ideas on the cause of age-related dementia (Alzheimer's disease)

Michael Lardelli

Estela Area-Gomez (USA)

Jonathan Stone

Robert I Richards

Emotional modulation of (Un) Conscious experience

Jessica McFadyen

Hakwan Lau (USA)

Bruno van Swinderen

Jakob Hohwy

Oligodendrocytes in health
and disease

Shane A Liddelow (USA)

David G Gonsalvez

Kaylene M Young

Steven Petratos

Understanding protein synthesis and translational control in neurobiology and disease

Harrison T Evans

Erin M Schuman (Germany)

Timothy W Bredy

Joanna M Williams

Sensory and motor processing
in cortical circuits in vivo

John M Bekkers

Elizabeth Zavitz

Mehdi Adibi (Italy)

Ruth M Empson

Degeneration or Regeneration, Choice After Axon Injury.

Tong Wang

Anna E King

Brent Neumann

Tobias J Merson

New Frontiers in gene therapy
for neurological disorders

Yoshitsugu Aoki (Japan)

Sue Fletcher

Mary-Louise Rogers

Kara Vine-Perrow

Auditory system: From sound transduction to hearing loss
and tinnitus

Gary D Housley

Wilhelmina H Mulders

Peter R Thorne

Bryony A Nayagam

Adaptive learning and plasticity in the motor system

Li-Ann Leow

Reza Shadmehr (USA)

Jenny Rodger

Siobhan M Schabrun

Computational neuroscience
and neuroimaging approaches
to investigate integrative brain function

N Jon Shah (Germany)

James A Roberts

Paula Sanz-Leon

Phillip G Ward

Novel therapeutic approaches for modulating behavioural responses to stress and reward: Transdiagnostic implications for psychiatry

Susannah J Tye

Jennifer L Cornish

Adam J Walker

Sophie Erhardt (Sweden)