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We are pleased to advise that the 2023 Australasian Course in Advanced Neuroscience (ACAN) applications are now open. ACAN will be a full hands-on course held from the 23rd June to 15th July 2023 and will be held at the Florey and University of Melbourne VIC with accommodation secured at University College.


Applications will close on the 14th of April 2023. 12 students will be selected from around Australia and New Zealand to take part in the course. Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty interested in using electrophysiological, optical and behavioural techniques in their research are encouraged to apply for a place.

During the course, each participant will become proficient in patch-clamp recording, calcium imaging, optogenetics, pharmacogenetics and behavioural manipulation, amongst other techniques. Thanks to the generous support of The Finkel Foundation, ACAN 2023 will feature a dedicated 2-photon imaging/electrophysiology setup that will complement an array of in vitro and in vivo recording techniques. The 2023 course will also feature neural Imaging with miniaturized microscopes (or 'minscopes') with Daniel Aharoni travelling from the US to talk about and demonstrate this exciting technique. The course will also take advantage of the infrastructure of the Florey and University of Melbourne to provide a unique interactive experience. ACAN 2022 was a huge amount of fun and we look forward to welcoming the next cohort of students back to Melbourne.